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长 Incremento BVBA

No matter if a business is in distress or needs to be reviewed to improve the bottom line results, we can help you.

Often a new and fresh view on the way your company has been managed will show room for optimisation of the bottom line result.

We offer you +25 years of experience in running and optimizing of several businesses in the Europe and the United Kingdom.

We have been requested to analyse companies in distress, companies that were suffering from harsh market conditions, companies that got stuck in a financial approach based on habits and personal interpretation of things and people, etc.

Our unique approach differentiates us from our colleagues as we don’t only analyse situations to come up with optimisation plans, we also execute those plans for you!

The advantage for you as a business owner is that can take measures for the company which could not be taken before, as we have no history or relation with suppliers, employees and customers that limit us in our execution of plans and delivery of results.

Our years of experience have delivered us  readily available access to a broad network of solutions, institutions, investors, suppliers and advisors we can contact to tackle every thinkable issue arising in business.

We listen to your employees, suppliers and customers either as independent advisors or as (interim) director and represent your company as if we were in your shoes. Your interest is what is our first and only focus

We have worked with several accounting software packages, CRM systems, online tools from commodity suppliers and governmental institutions, … which allows us to create a total view of your business and condense this into an approach to improve your company’s result and market value.

As we are new and unrelated to your company or its history, we can take those difficult decisions that your company has been avoiding for many years. We come in to your business, change things for the better by taking and executing some difficult decisions and possibly leave again if you wish so. Of course always keeping in mind the value of human capital and relations dear to you as a business owner. Our goal is to remain emphatic with every business relation we meet without ever loosing focus on the result which allows a company to survive, grow and generate profit.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your business.

First high level analysis of your business is FREE of charge and allows you to decide if it’s worth starting our execution for you.

To enable us to get a first insight in your business before actually meeting you we need some basic accounting information which we will explain to you in our reply to your meeting request.


长 Incremento BVBA

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